Arrest Darren Wilson and Restore Order to Ferguson

President Obama has a lot of nerve to open up his mouth and say anything against the violence taking place in Ferguson, Missouri. This violence is the result of the unjustified killing of Michael Brown by a racist White cop. But when Barack Obama had a chance to show African-Americans that Black people don’t have to riot to get justice in these type of cases he let George Zimmerman off the hook after Zimmerman was acquitted by the state for killing Trayvon Martin. Everyone knows, and has always known that local state governments cannot be trusted to investigate and prosecute cases like these. But Obama left the sole responsibility for this in the hands of the state in the Zimmerman case. Then he asked us to respect the law and accept the verdict.

Why are African Americans who are constantly the victims of this kind of racist oppression always the only ones who should feel that the violence by other African-Americans is wrong? Especially when a lot of white people don’t even feel that cops, and wanna-be cops, ever do anything wrong when they shoot people like Brown and Martin. This is true even in cases where it is obvious that there was not even the slightest justification for the killing of people like Mike Brown.

If a Black man had shot a White kid with his hands in the air yelling “I don’t have a gun, don’t shoot me, ” that Black man would probably already be dead, at the hands of the police or in jail and on his way to death row.

Therefore, when Zimmerman was acquitted by the state he should have been immediately arrested, charged and tried by the Feds. But Obama stood by, sent his spin doctors out to make excuses and did nothing. THAT’S WHEN I KNEW THAT A DAY LIKE THE ONE WE ARE NOW HAVING IN FERGUSON WAS SURELY COMING.

It is ironic that Obama has not hesitated to show his willingness to use unrelenting violence against other groups like Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Syria, ISIS and etc. But when Black people are confronted by murder and other forms of terrorism from elements within their own government, he thinks our only recourse should be resorting to protest rallies and peaceful marches–which we’ve already been doing for well over a hundred years now and still hasn’t put an end our being victimized by racial violence!

There is a simple and easy solution to end the violence in Ferguson: Arrest Darren Wilson and charge him with the murder of Michael Brown. But Wilson is still not in jail. Instead officials would rather see the streets of St. Louis torn apart , business being looted and burned, curfews imposed, national guards, highway patrolmen and riot police, even federal attorney general’s, governors and Presidents called in to try and otherwise fix the problem– anything except arresting and prosecuting a racist cop who murdered an innocent Black man!

This shows how committed some people are to preserving the institution of white racism in this country. It also shows you how easy it is for Barack Obama and other Black people to be tricked into being an advocate for the white supremist causes in cases where resistance necessitates violence being involved.

~Keith Brown El, KCMO