Free Sandra Merritt

image_28 Anyone who has ever had a public defender will immediately understand this situation…

My sister Sandra Merritt, formerly of St Louis, Missouri, was sentenced to life in prison for crimes that normally should not carry that much time. The prosecutor and the judge lied and told her that if she would plead guilty they would give her 15 years (this is a common strategy of the courts known as “taking a plea bargain”). She did what they told her and pled guilty and they gave her a life sentence. As an excuse for this, they brought up a case that was over 20 years old which she had long ago resolved by complying with all the demands of the court at the time.

Help me please,

Please call the Department of Justice Main Switchboard at 202-514-2000 and ask them what has to happen to get Sandra free of this excessive sentence. You may reference Sandra Merritt #86543 at WERDCC, 1101 E Hwy 54, Vandalia, MO 63382