Letter from Kerwin Scott 02-02-15 Missouri USA 520941

Mr. Kerwin D. Scott
Reg. # 520941
11593 State Hwy 0
Mineral Point, MO 63660
Ph # (573) 438-6000

Re: Possible Representation

Dear Counsel,

I am writing to your Law Firm seeking representation in a “Medical Malpractice” legal action.

I was the patient of an Orthopedic Specialist whom performed a surgical procedure on my fractured Clavicle that resulted in me becoming infected with “Osteomyelitis” and having two (2) additional surgeries.

Please Note: After my first surgery I was in constant pain. To which I constantly complained. My right Clavicle never approximated. I was then placed on a “Bone Stimulator”, for then (10) hours per day. To which I remained on the “Bone Stimulator” for 8 weeks. And my Clavicle still did not approximate due to infection. Finally at the end of August 2013 I was referred to a Second Orthopedic Specialist whom determined I had a Serious infection. When he operated on my Clavicle on September 16, 2013 he had to remove all the hardware i.e. a metal plate and eight (8) metal screws. I had to have an intravenous line (Picc line) implanted in my bicep, so that I could be administered a HIGH dose of Antibiotic (Vancomycin) twice daily for 6 weeks. Said Infection had gotten into my bone marrow (skeletal structure). On November 15, 2013 I had my THIRD surgery, which was performed by the SECOND Orthopedic Specialist. A new metal plate and twelve (12) metal screws were used to repair my fractured Clavicle, which has since healed.

Counsel, I seek to recover monetary damages for having to undergo two (2) additional surgical procedures as a direct consequence of becoming infected with OSTEOMVELITIS. The infection was never discovered by the first Orthopedic Specialist. I became infected due to the first Orthopedic Specialist negligence and lack of due diligence.

I am also aware of the provisions of section 516.105 RSMO, and the “Statutory Limitations” of “2 years”, in which to file a “Medical Malpractice” suit. So, I must have said law suit filed no later than August 2015.

Lastly, if this matter is of interest to your Law Firm I would like to speak with you to discuss this case. I can be reached by your office contacting the prison (573) 438-6000 I am at and arrange a time for me to place a legal call into your office.

I would like to thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter and a prompt response.


Kerwin D. Scott