Statement from Jerome White-Bey 08-18-14 Missouri USA

I am sure that you are waiting to hear my take on the situation in Ferguson, MO. I am in full support of the people and the cause. The pigs murdered Michael Brown with no if’s, and’s, or doubts about it. Most people don’t realize that racism in America is real and especially in Missouri. I wish I could get the racism of Missouri prisons inserted into the cause. I also saw on the news about the issues of police officers wearing cameras on their uniforms, now that’s something that could happen in Missouri, however, prison guards should also be part of the issue. . . . Look deep into the Ferguson, Mo situation, look at how the USA police department has been militarized without the knowledge or approval of the people, the people whom they are supposed to protect, then as soon as the people take to the streets those weapons were pointed at them.